Business Purchases & Sales

At Gordon Ferguson we have a wealth of experience in dealing with the purchase and sale of both corporate and non-corporate entities.

We help clients when they are purchasing a business by:

  •  Identifying target companies through our network of professional introducers
  •  Reviewing the information on those targets with a view to valuing the company/business using standard valuation methods
  •  Negotiating with the vendor a deal which will allow the company to trade whilst meeting borrowing responsibilities of the purchaser
  •  Performing full Due Diligence and report on the target company with recommendations
  •  Formulating a full Business Plan and 3 year Forecasts to assist in the acquisition of the proper funding package
  •  Presenting the Plan to a range of funders to secure the appropriate and most cost effective deal
  •  Liaising with the Corporate Lawyers on both sides to ensure the Sale & Purchase Agreement has all the necessary safeguards and no onerous warranties
  •  Signing off the deal and assisting in the integration of the acquired business into the fold of our client company

We help clients when they are selling their business by:

  •  Identifying possible acquirers using our contact network
  •  Preparing an Information Memorandum to give potential acquirers a detailed summary of the business and its financial history
  •  Negotiating with an acquirer to obtain the best and most tax effective sale deal
  •  Assisting acquirer’s agent to perform their Due Diligence
  •  Liaising with Corporate Lawyers to protect the Vendor’s position
  •  Providing all necessary handover assistance for a smooth transition