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Case Studies - Below are some of the businesses we have helped...

Lanarkshire Recruitment Company

We were approached by a recruitment company based in Lanarkshire to review their current invoice finance facility to identify any potential cost savings. We gathered up the relevant information and then put together a package for other lenders to tender for. Upon completion we identified a new facility which based on current turnover figures would save the company a minimum of £40,000 per year in interest and charges. The company moved providers within a month and have been delighted with the service ever since. Our costs for completing the project were £300 + VAT and the company is now a client.

Glasgow Transport Company

We were approached by a transport company in Glasgow to help the company solve some cash flow issues. Upon a review we recommended that the company goes into liquidation. We structured a deal with the liquidator to buy back the assets of the company over 9 months. We also prepared financial projections for the new company and secured an invoice factoring facility with a funding limit of £900,000. The company is now trading successfully and the process has protected 30 jobs.

Edinburgh Printing Company

The company had a full factoring facility but were disgruntled at the funding limits for some of their key customers. The restrictions prevented affected the funding availability at peak seasons. In addition the company were being charged a refactoring fee for unpaid invoices over 90 days. We put the facility out for tender and identified a new confidential invoice finance facility with increased funding limits and no refactoring charges. The company were now responsible for chasing their own debts which resulted in customers paying quicker. The calculated cost saving on interest and charges in year one was £15,000.


Invoice Financing

How can Invoice Factoring help your business?

Avoid Cash Flow Problems

A common problem faced by many small and medium-sized companies in Scotland is a lack of cash flow. This is typically caused by business owners offering lengthy payment terms to customers. Professional advisors say that on average an invoice giving 90-days leeway will not be settled for 115 days! This puts unnecessary stress on company finances - and business owners!

Invoice financing provides a solution that removes the cash flow problem and is proven to be an effective way of easing financial burdens caused by late payment of invoices. Funding is available from a variety of sources such as:
•    A range of government-backed lending schemes
•    Traditional loans and bank overdrafts
•    Invoice finance and asset-based lending firms

Financing effectively provides sustainable working capital, protection against bad debt and late payments together with a number of other benefits for your businesses. However, the strategies are often misunderstood by business owners – which is where professional financial advice is invaluable.

Our Role

As a valued business advisor we play a central role in providing information on the funding streams available to our clients. The challenge for businesses is to understand what finance options are available that best meet your requirements. It is not always clear cut! Gordon Ferguson & Co will help you make the right decision.

About Invoice Finance

Invoice financing and factoring allows businesses to get an advance on outstanding invoices from customers. The lending company or institute – a bank for example – agree to buy the debt from you and will recover the outstanding invoice from your customers. In essence, invoice factoring is a form of short-term borrowing that provides working capital and cash flow to help you grow your business without compromise.

The concept of invoice financing has evolved considerably in the last thirty years and is proven to deliver business growth. The benefits offer a flexible alternative to traditional bank financing and provides ongoing stability for your business. The process has consistently proven to provide reliable and cost-effective support to business owners throughout the UK.

Invoice finance and factoring have been regarded as expensive options, but we have clients that are thriving today because of these facilities – without this service their businesses would struggle and most probably would have gone into liquidation.

Invoice discount financing can be confusing, but we will explain exactly how you can benefit in layman’s terms without bamboozling you with jargon. Our broker service also ensures you get the lowest service charge and interest rates available. Gordon Ferguson promise to find you the best deal that suits the needs of your business.

With the right funding package you do not have to worry about unpaid invoices holding back your plans for expansion. Not only that, but we keep your accounts and tax liabilities in order as a standard service and help you plan a solid platform on which your business will not only survive, but will have the chance to grow!

Invoice financing is a sustainable solution to ease cash flow concerns and remove the financial and physical stress that comes with being a business owner. To find out more and to ask how we can help, contact one of the specialists at Gordon Ferguson on 01698 440330.