Business Funding

The Evolutionary Process

Businesses always start with a skilled individual who wants to take his or her first steps into self employment. They usually have a skill set which was being used to earn profits for their employer but now they want to use those skills to channel their efforts into their own wealth creation.

Businesses need funding at all stages of their development and we recognise that the type of funding required depends on the type of business and the stage of it’s evolution. Those stages are :-

  • Start Up   
  • Expansion / Growth
  • Consolidation

The current economic climate deters many budding entrepreneurs from realising their business goals .We have identified both the mainstream and gap funding sources available to businesses which allows us to access funding sources hitherto hidden from the public eye mainly due to lack of communication.

We specialise in raising funds from all available sources and will put together packages of funds which will allow the business to start, grow and then consolidate to protect the interests of the owners.

Typical sources of funds within such packages are :-