Pre-Pack Administration

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What Is A Pre-Pack Administration and Why Do You Need One Now?

A pre-pack administration is a formal insolvency procedure which allows company directors to transfer protected assets to another company should your business become insolvent. However, companies do not benefit from the privileges of the pre-pack after a winding up order has been issued so you should sign up for one at the first indication of trouble if not before.

The administration pre-packs are a powerful solution for businesses to continue trading if the current business runs into financial difficulties. The main benefit is the company and its assets are protected by the court, which allows the administrator to easily dispose of debts, unwanted contracts and in some circumstances, employees (except where there is a TUPE).

Online Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

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The digital age presents more opportunities for small businesses to market themselves and spread their wings farther afield than the general locality. Even on a limited budget, you have options to raise brand awareness and connect directly with clients. Here are a few suggestions.

Social Media Networks

By far the most effective and cost-efficient means of online advertising is through the use of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Social media marketing however takes time and a little know-how. The key is to engage rather than sell, so be patient and get to know your customers.
It’s worthwhile checking out a few of the lesser known social media sites as well as the better known names. Facebook in particular are limiting the amount of messages that reach your followers otherwise charge to advertise. Digg, Tumblr and Pinterest are good alternatives.

5 Reasons (You May Not Have Thought Of Yet!) To Start A Business

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Thinking of starting a business?

If so, you have probably weighed up the pros and cons yet still have as many doubts as you have dreams.
There are many reasons to start your own business; be your own boss, work to your own schedule and pursue your passion being chief amongst them. But you can read about them anywhere on the web –so let’s take a look at some other reasons to start your own business.

How To Apply For a Business Loan In The UK

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Since the 2008 banking crisis, securing a bank loan for your small business has become notoriously difficult in the UK. Even with Government schemes, banks are reluctant to offer funding. That is unless you can convince lenders you have a solid business strategy.

The days of the credit culture, where even your pet dog could get a loan, have come to an end, but it is not impossible if you are well prepared and can present a compelling case. This article details the documents you need to prepare your strategy and the manner in which you should approach banks in order to increase your chances of securing a loan.


Invoice Finance & Factoring - Our Top 5 Tips

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Confidential Invoice Finance and Factoring is a great facility for providing funding in a growing business but make sure you take advice before signing up or renewing your facility as there are many savings available. Here are our top 5 tips:

1. Save on Borrowing Costs: Only draw down funds from your Invoice Finance or Factoring provider when    required as you will be paying interest on your borrowings. Companies often draw down their maximum available balance and sit it in a bank account and do nothing with it. We have saved clients as much as £80 per day (£20,800 per year) in interest costs.